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Recreational Opportunities 


If your love is being close to nature, being in the mountains and watching the stars at night without the light pollution, then 22 West is for you.  Below is a list of activities to enjoy on our Elk Run, Whirlwind Ridge, Narnia and Wounded Knee Trails as well as Routt National Forest and the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness.


Mountain Biking


Horseback Riding

Whitewater Rafting

Wildlife Viewing


OHV Riding




Relaxing, and of course many more

Escape from it all to North Park Colorado.  22 West is in the heart of one Colorado's most scenic areas. Situated on the edge of Routt National Forest our cabins offer a home base for the plethora of activities available in the area.  22 West is a short distance from the Delaney Butte Lakes, the Grizzly Helena Trail and the many lakes of the Zirkel Wilderness such as Rainbow Lakes.


 We offer a sanctuary for birds where one can sit amongst the aspens along the water and enjoy the many species of birds that call 22 West home such as Cassins finches, Evening Grosbeaks, Orioles,  Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers and four species of Hummingbirds, Broad-tail, Caliope, Rufous and Black-chinned just to name a few.


The Gold Medal waters of North Park as well as the alpine lakes of the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness offer outstanding angling opportunities.


North Park has an abundance of wildlife, over 100 species of birds, moose, elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, fox, raccoon, rabbit, pine martens, mink, marmot, and squirrel.


All a short distance from Walden, Colorado, to the west along the Park Range.


 *Your stay benefits North Park Wildlife Rehabilitation.  We serve northern Colorado your support of our facilities helps us to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.


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